Meeting Rooms

Stepping into the Meeting Room

You're in a meeting room, getting ready for a conference call with co-workers on the other side of the globe. In no time flat you see them pop up on the projector and you start sharing your screen to show them your latest presentation. Or, you're in a cooking class and the teacher is cutting up ingredients.

The 'future' of meeting room and classroom technology is always around the corner as users demand faster and higher quality video and audio with support for various devices and connectors.
Stepping into the Meeting Room

Stepping into the Meeting Room, and Classroom, of the Future

The meeting room also has long curtains able to provide privacy when needed. IsIs office. View in gallery. When envisioning their office in Melbourne, IsIs wanted this space to reflect their values and character. As a result, design firm Kannfinch illustrated all these details using diverse methods. For instance, the transparent meeting rooms reflect the company’s transparency in business.